Uniting Alere’s Global Digital Presence for All Devices

After expanding rapidly through strategic acquisitions, Alere has become a global leader in medical diagnostic solutions. But consistently communicating its value to global audiences across all devices required help from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

By centralizing website content creation with AEM Sites, Alere leverages in-house development talent to service global business units. Modular templates enable content creators in any location to develop consistent branded content with the flexibility to present it in ways best suited to specific products, audiences and languages. Responsive design built into the templates also automatically optimizes content for tablets and smartphones.

The Alere creative services team uses AEM Assets to support a self-service library of product images. Marketers used it to contact the creative services team for copies of the latest product images. Now, they can retrieve them through an automated system.

“We used to field about 70 requests a week just for image assets,” says Pat Hardy, Creative Director, Global Creative Services at Alere. “By managing images centrally in Experience Manager Assets, we reduced image requests by about 80 percent.”

Alere upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams through reseller Insight and now leverage apps, such as Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe InDesign CC, to create and share images and designs using the same software versions for smoother collaboration and faster turnaround. Combined with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, Alere is also bringing its technology to life through rich, interactive apps.

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