Second Winners Selected for WhichTestWon’s Annual Adobe Target Awards

We just wrapped up the second round of WhichTestWon’s first annual Adobe Target Awards contest in which Adobe Target customers submit their best A/B test for a chance to win a free trip to Adobe Summit 2016 in Las Vegas. This month’s winners include Verizon Wireless for the Web category and Extra Space Storage for the Mobile category. They’ll join Ferguson Enterprises and Time Warner Cable for a chance at the grand prize that we’ll award at Adobe Summit next month in session S910: Step right up and guess the test winner. They’ll also automatically be in the running for WhichTestWon’s awards later in the year.

Here’s a rundown of the winning tests and the people behind them:

First up is Maulin Shah, Marketing Manager at Verizon Wireless. He and the Verizon team wanted to make it easier for visitors to commit to one of the company’s prepaid plans by giving them confidence they’ve made the right choice. They also wanted to increase use of the AutoPay option. By showing the four available plans, providing important details like the monthly plan cost, and highlighting the extra gigabyte of data per month that the AutoPay option offered, they hoped visitors would convert more. Their winning experience did just that, increasing prepaid conversions by close to 20 percent.

Maulin mentioned that he’s also excited by what he and the team can now do with Profiles & Audiences, one of the core services that integrate Adobe’s eight marketing solutions. They use the core service to bring in third party data and data from CRM and other systems, clean it, and upload it to Adobe Marketing Cloud. They can then select specific customer attributes from that data to create segments that they use in Adobe Target. Plus, the integration of Adobe Target with Adobe Analytics lets them do even deeper segmentation within Adobe Analytics and use those segments in Adobe Target to target extremely specific groups.

Maulin loves what he does. In his words, he “lives, eats and breathes digital optimization.” He thinks it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in this field. I couldn’t agree more.

Next up is Extra Space Storage, a long-time user of Adobe Target. Brooke Johnson, Senior Manager of Marketing Optimization, and Kevin Tams, Senior Director of Software Engineering explained how they wanted to give mobile customers confidence when reserving a storage unit. They included a banner on the mobile reservation page that reassured customers that they could change the storage unit size if they arrived at the storage facility and discovered they needed more or less storage space. Doing that yielded a 2.9 percent lift in reservations.

Both Brooke and Kevin have learned a lot through mobile testing. Brooke notes that what works on desktop doesn’t necessarily translate to a win on mobile and vice versa. In addition, she’s found that sometimes simple changes like changing the color of a call to action button can lead to a huge win. As she noted, “No idea is too small.”

Kevin observed that when looking at developing creative for responsive design sites, you have to think about how it will work on all devices — tablet, phone, and desktop. He also advises looking for inventive ways to tailor the site to make it more convenient for the mobile user. Considerations like that go a long way to increasing mobile user satisfaction.

Brooke loves how her job involves both the right and left brain. She works with designers to develop creative, but also uses ad hoc analysis in Adobe Analytics to identify interesting, high-value segments to use in Adobe Target. Kevin appreciates the power and flexibility of Adobe Target that allows them to do things like tie together a single test across their desktop site, mobile site, and call center.

For a great discussion about how Adobe Target offers the capabilities you need for a successful optimization program like those exemplified by this month’s contest winners, I encourage you to read a recent series of posts by my colleague Drew Burns. In these posts, Drew explains how the New Adobe Target supports the five key focus areas for a successful program through the experiences of Rick Patterson, a fictitious (but extremely believable) web analytics manager:

By the way, you won’t want to miss Drew’s discussion of these new features in session S905: Adobe Target: Redesigned for powerful optimization and marketer control at Adobe Summit.

As we launch the third and final round of our contest later this week, please submit your best test. We’ve yet to see a mobile app test submitted. If you have a mobile app test, I’d really like to encourage you to submit your entry. The testing and optimization community would love to hear and learn from your experience.

Enter the final round of the WhichTestWon’s first annual Adobe Target Awards contest here for a chance to go to Adobe Summit for free!

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