DuPont Transforms Global Food Production

DuPont’s Crop Protection Division is working with farmers around the world to help them grow enough food to feed an additional 2 billion people by 2050. It’s an ambitious goal, and one that DuPont is supporting in part through clear, reliable communications with farmers. With Adobe Experience Manager in Adobe Marketing Cloud, the company is empowering the Crop Protection Division sales team with digital content tailored to millions of farmers in 130 countries.

“We’re dealing with a huge amount of product and marketing information, and while we centralize as much as we can, we also have to give the countries enough flexibility to deliver the right message to farmers in their regions,” says Joanne Hewitson, Global Digital Marketing Lead, Crop Protection Division, DuPont.

After undergoing a digital transformation using Adobe Experience Manager to centralize assets and manage branding and customization, the division turned to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to take engagement to the next level. In a pilot project in Brazil, detailed sales assets and visuals were converted into mobile-friendly slides, enabling the sales team to communicate the benefits of DuPont’s products more easily and conveniently.

Meanwhile, the division’s German team has replaced its 400-page printed customer manuals filled with product labels and safety sheets with an app, literally providing farmers with the information they need at their fingertips. In addition to the convenience—customers no longer have to carry the book out to the field with them or store it in their tractors—the team has improved time to market for updated information by 50 percent, and saved thousands of dollars in printing costs.

When the app is rolled out globally, Hewitson expects to save $1 million in printing costs alone. She also hopes to expand its functionalities to create a one-stop experience for farmers. For more on DuPont’s digital transformation, read the case study here.

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