10 Ways a Strong Digital Foundation Can Increase Your Productivity

We have been emphasizing customer journeys and the importance of connecting seamlessly across all platforms. Now, I want to take a step back and instead consider the marketers’ journeys and the ways in which unified digital-marketing platforms can help them quickly navigate from planning to creation, deployment, and evaluation of marketing campaigns.

1. Supports Mobile and Unifies Content
Mobile is often developed as an afterthought. A digital-marketing foundation that supports mobile from the start — optimizing assets for the mobile Web and mobile apps — allows you to be more productive in your mobile activities. The digital platform centralizes content in one location — as opposed to channel-specific locations — making all channels more efficient.

2. Integrates Platforms
Nowadays, many marketers are forced to use a variety of products to piece together campaigns. They may use one platform for web-content management, another to manage mobile assets, something else for personalization, and still others for campaign management or audience management. To mend these disparate datasets and create actionable insights therefrom takes a data engineer or help from IT.

A robust digital-marketing foundation provides a common user interface, content platform, and dataset that are guaranteed to work well together, freeing the marketer to focus on innovative, strategic, and well-executed campaigns rather than sets of data.

3. Captures Real-Time Data
A digital-marketing foundation platform can capture behavioral data, as well as other actionable data, and present it in a way that allows you to immediately act upon it. It can analyze results based on everything from personalized information to the ROI of your latest campaign — in real-time — and present you with options to turn insights into action.

4. Corrals Data with Universal Data Management
As a marketer, you constantly strive to build a more targeted view of who your customers are and what they really want. Being able to corral that information in one location, and then share it across all your capabilities — from content and experience management to targeting and campaign management — is more efficient. You save a lot on training for different technologies, and it’s another way to decrease your reliance on IT.

5. Supports Agile-Marketing Campaigns
A true, proper digital-marketing foundation supports agile-marketing campaigns. You can obtain resources faster, go to market faster, and make changes to your experience layer faster. You see events in real-time and are able to respond nimbly to them as they unfold.

6. Ensures Multichannel Capabilities
You have to extend multichannel just beyond web, mobile, and tablet to include social, video channels, and more. You need an immense effort to ensure that the format and form factor of your content is right for all devices.

Now, with the Internet of Things (IoT), appliances and digital kiosks are cropping up in retail. In the future, there will be tons of products with screens. You must ensure that your content not only works on all devices now in existence, but also on any screen that might exist soon. A good digital-marketing foundation can automatically handle these things for you.

7. Increases Content Velocity
With a centralized location for content, everyone is grabbing content from the same place, and they’re able to reuse it across all channels, devices, and applications so that no one has to reinvent the wheel. You can go to market much faster and repeat different renderings of content, making it easier for your mobile Web, website, and app. A strong digital-marketing platform can dynamically render any content that’s necessary for an optimized experience on any device.

Your digital foundation should be integrated into the most popular creative tools available. You should be able to seamlessly access anything your creatives are creating and start working on it without waiting for them to email files.

8. Utilizes Cloud-Based Infrastructure
A digital-marketing foundation that’s based on a cloud infrastructure offers many advantages. You can use strategic resources immediately. If your campaign becomes wildly successful, you can scale as needed. If you want to go global, you can turn it on in Asia and in the EU almost instantly. It also provides fast disaster-recovery capabilities.

9. Offers End-to-End Management Expertise
Organizations often undertake digital-transformation projects, thinking they are something easily added onto their internal IT centers. But the folks in IT already have their hands full with mission-critical tasks supporting the enterprise and customer-management systems. They don’t have time to learn and maintain yet another platform. A digital platform comes from a vendor that has experience managing the system and supporting it from the beginning to the end of the lifecycle.

10. Adheres to Security Requirements
You shouldn’t have to add security to a campaign as an afterthought, separate from development. A strong digital-marketing foundation adheres to all the security requirements that your organization values, so whatever you develop will already be secure, allowing the marketer to focus on the campaign itself.

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