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No matter what platform, we focus on putting your brand into the hands of your audience through a quick, efficient, and comprehensive process. Our web development process includes both expertly crafted design and well-engineered development by our experienced team. We deliver a consultative front-end to create an engaging user experience and a back end specifically crafted to allow you to run your business the way you like- without developer-imposed limitations. Even after delivery, you have a team of experts who proudly stand by their product and give you the support you need to move your business forward.

Meet Our Team

The SEO theme will do you an excellent job being any kind of website you wish.

David Flickinger

Co-Founder & COO
The SEO theme will do you an excellent job being any kind of website you wish.

Justin Martin

Co-Founder & CTO
The Politics theme will do you an excellent job being any kind of website you wish.

Merisa Sehic

Managing Director
The Politics theme will do you an excellent job being any kind of website you wish.

Will Meyer

Creative Director

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Some Frequently Asked Questions?

Web design and development can be an area that’s tough to understand, especially for those unfamiliar with premium agencies like us.  Very often, there are points of confusion and misconceptions.  We have put together a list of some questions we are asked frequently and have provided some answers to help deliver some insight into who we are and what we provide.

1What exactly is a premium agency?

A premium agency is a firm that attaches great importance to your brand, reputation, and how we can assist you in growing your business. We’re more than pixel pushers. We’re information architects, strategists, developers, and designers who believe that in order to craft a complete user experience, it must be as meaningful as it is beautiful.

2How does your process work?

Our highly refined process follows a few core steps. First, we research your company, the competitive marketplace in which you operate, and the analytics generated from your current site, or web and mobile applications. Whether you’re building a new site, or a mobile app to suit a specific customer need, this is critical step in ensuring the maximum return on your investment.

Next, we work closely with your team for formulate a strategy based on the results of our research. We quickly move from here to the prototype and testing phase where we present you multiple options based on your now well-defined strategy and goals.

Finally, we design and deliver the highest quality code that’s already undergone rigorous quality testing by our engineers.

Not all projects are created equal, and we pride ourselves in adapting to each client and their unique business needs and goals.

3What does your team structure look like? Who will I be working with?

We have a robust team of engineers, designers, UI/UX strategists, and information architects, all of whom may be working on your project at one point or another. However, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will remain your point of contact throughout each phase. This senior team member will be responsible for coordinating work through all of our design and development shops, and has the decision-making latitude to ensure the attentiveness and responsiveness you would expect from a premium firm.

Still Have Questions?